Why stay at APU EcoLodge

We want you to have good memories here in APU EcoLogde.
Whether you are on a family trip or travelling group of friends you will find everything you need here in APU EcoLodge. We offer more than a pleasant accommodation. Here a list of things that make APU EcoLogde unique in Caraz.

Apartment, bungalow or house?

There are many accomodotion options at APU EcoLogde. Do you want to spend some peaceful time alone with your partner? Maybe you are a large family with 3 children. Are you a traveller that wants to stay in the same house with your 6 other friends? We have different size of apartments, bungalows and houses. Check them now!


Go organic!

Do you want to eat tomatoes or use herbs t cook that you collect from the garden? We produce what we eat. At APU EcoLodge we have organic gardens and you are welcome to use them.


Pizza or BBQ?

Want a pizza or barbeque party? Every one loves pizza, right? Here in APU EcoLodge we have a huge brick oven in the garden that we use to make pizza. Also we have various barbeque sets for our guests.


Animals in the house

Do your kids love animals? We have dogs, ducks, chickens, rabbits and cuis. You’re welcome to feed them.


Fire the night

What’s better than a gathering around fire on the chill nights of Andes mountains. In our garden there is a fire place you can use with benches around.


Travelling with pets?

Travelling with pets? No problem. At APU EcoLogde also your pet friends are welcome. We’re a pet friendly hotel.


Climb a wall

Do you like climbing? We have a climbing wall for kids or courageous adults. Maybe you’ll discover your next hobby, who knows.