Why Caraz?

Located in between the White and Black Mountains, with lots of lakes, mountains and natural beauty, Caraz is the perfect place to enjoy Huaylas Province.

It is a picturesque town that holds the charms of the wonderful snow around them. Located at 2200, Caraz has a warmer climate then their neigbouring towns. It still protects its authenticity as a small Andean town. You’ll meet lots of indigenius people with their traditional clothes and hats. It has a beautiful market where you can find almost everything from fruits and vegetables to dairy products or meat. Wednesdays and Sundays are special days for the market, twice the vendedores twice the crowd.

Come and discover the main touristic sites of our region. Our team is always available to help and guide you around the area.  Starting point of expedition Caraz to 2285 meters.

What to do?

Canyon del Pato:

Canyon del Pato is a 14-kilometer rock forming, and it is located 22 km north from Caraz. The White and the Black Cordilleras are parallel from north to south along 140 kilometers and are separated by 16 kilometers. The two mountain ranges come together at a place called “bocatoma”, and almost touch at the “Mellizo Tunel”. At that point, only 6 meters separate the two cordilleras.

Good to know: A dirt road on the mountainside leads to the city of Huallanca (35 km from Caraz). This site is incredible with its 35 tunnels, the Santa River, and the canyon cliffs. It is also possible to bike along this way.

Puyas Raimundi/ Winchus Viewpoint:

42 Kms frm Caraz, this is one of the highest points of the Black Mountains (4,300 meters) from where you have a spectacular view of the Santa Valley and the snowy peaks of the Cordillera Blanca which runs 120 KM. This is the place where you’ll find the Puya Raymondi forest, populated by more than 5000 trees. The place is called “Winchus” because of the abundance of hummingbirds, whose name in Quechua is Winchus. The trees are located between 3900 and 4150 meters above sea level. The climate is mild cold during the day and cold at night. The vegetation is varied, mainly ichus and cactus where you can encounter  Andean foxes, partridges, doves, hummingbirds, billets and wildcats.

Santa Cruz Trek:

4-day journey of spectacular scenic beauty, is the second most important trekking in Peru. What you’ll see is beautiful
views of lakes like Ichiccocha and Jatuncocha, white mountains (Caraz, Taulliraju, Paria, Huascaran.) and diverse ecological fauna and flora .


Paron Lake:

Paron Lake, at 32 km from Caraz, is one of the main lakes of the White Cordillera. It is located at 4.185 meters high, and it is 76 meters deep and 55 millions square meters wide. On a nice day, it is possible to see the glaciers summits (Artesonraju, Garcilaso pyramid, Huandoy Norte, Pisco, Chacraraju, and Paria). The road is suitable for motor vehicles until the lake (32 km). It is also a great place for trekking and camping. Entrance fees: 5 soles. Can be visited all year long.


Laguna 69:

Laguna 69 (lake 69) or Laguna Sesentinueve is a small lake in the region of Áncash, Peru. It is one of the more than 400 lakes that form part of the Huascarán National Park which is considered Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Located at 4600 metres, it is one of the more important tourist destinations of the region, visited mainly by fans to the hiking and mountaineering, given his simple access and the spectacular scenes that provides. The hiking route to the lagoon starts from the camping Cebolla Pampa and goes by the right side of the brook that goes down from the same lake, which forms several waterfalls and cataracts.

Llanganuco Lakes:

The Llanganuco Quebrada is a glacier valley shaped by Chinancocha and Orconcocha Lakes, and adjoin the mountains of Huascaran, Huandoy, Pishqo, Chacraraju, Yanapaccha and Chopicallqui (White Cordillera), the Maria Josefa path and the Demanda Quebrada, being part of the National Park of Huascaran and the Huascaran (Yungay) biosphere. The first lake, (Chinanqocha, the female laguna) is 3,850 meters high, and 1 km far from the second lake (Orqonqocha – the male laguna), which is 3,860 meters high. The water of these two lakes is turquoise-blue, surrounded by wide biodiversity.  The road is suitable for motor vehicles until the lakes (39 km). It is also a great place for trekking and camping. Entrance fees: 10 soles. Can be visited all year long.

Miramar Lake:

Miramar Lake is 14 Kms from Caraz. You can view the reflections of Huandoy and Huascaran mountains on its still turquoise water, which was once mistaken for sea by the indigenius people.

Pampacocha Lake:

Pampacocha Lake has an extension 400 m.  It has countless birds, such as; mallards, yacupishku and Pacific birds coming to rest in its waters.



Nevado Alpamayo:

A perfect pyramid of ice 5.947 meters high. It is so beautiful that in an international competition held in Munich, Germany, it was elected as the most beautiful mountain in the world. It is the northernmost mountain in the White Mountain range and, despite its greatness, is smaller than the snowy neighbors. Although his name does not refer to its beauty (Alpamayo means muddy river in Spanish), travelers and climbers from around the world crave to conquer it. The ascent to the southeast face takes about 7 days.


Nevado Huandoy:

Huandoy is a snow-covered mountain with four peaks North (6395m), East (5900m), West (6356m), South (6160m), (the highest is 6,395 meters above sea level). Located north of Mount Huascaran it is accessible through the Llanganuco valley, 40KMs from Carazş Except the east peak, all Huandoy peaks exceed 6000 meters. They are interconnected by a large set to 5800m. The peak are very accessible, but getting to them is difficult and dangerous, which makes it popular for mountaineering. There are routes for all faces of mountain and very large walls on which famous mountaineers and climbers have left their mark.


Nevado Artesonraju:

Impressive and surrounded by a spectacular geography Artesonraju (6.025 meters) is located at the Quebrada Paron. is one of the hardest  climbing peak in the White mountains with a wall of 850 meters and an inclination of 55 ° and up to 60 degrees. Artesonraju has 6 routes which takes 5 days.


Nevado Chacraraju:

Chacraraju is located 32 kilometers from Caraz.  It’s west wall has an altitute of 6.112 meters.  Climbing route takes 5 days and recommended climbing time is from May to October.


Nevado Pastoruri:

Pastoruri (5,200m) has one of the easiest access among the White Mountain range. During your trip you can visit lakes, sparkling water, cave paintings and Puya Raimondi.